Our Story

Kenzii came about as an idea to preserve culture and celebrate it. Founders Nur and Zeina are both extremely attached to Middle Eastern culture, in design, decor, cooking and beauty. With roots in Syria, Turkey and Jordan, Nur and Zeina both grew up between Dubai and the United States. This nostalgia for home built an appreciation for everything these countries have to offer. With their combined backgrounds of design and marketing, Kenzii founders saw the value of the artisanal products made in their home countries, and dreamt up ways these products can be celebrated and appreciated everywhere else in the world. 
"There is beauty in these products, in the way they are perfected and the artisanal communities that make them. There's a beautiful, quiet dignity that is just part of the cultures they come from, but isn't really appreciated elsewhere. It brings us great joy to share that with the world." -Nur, founder.
"We recognize that people are more aware of what goes in the products we put on our bodies. The traditions that produce our products have been around for a very long time, so we cater to people looking for natural products made with natural ingredients. That has inspired our entire business- from the colors of our logo to our product packaging. It's all about going back to the roots- in culture, in ingredients, in design." -Zeina, founder.


Aleppo soap is one of the world's oldest soap making methods. The soaps are deeply rooted in Syrian culture and continue to be used today for their great properties- mainly for moisturizing skin! 


Turkish Soap

Turkish soaps are handmade with all natural ingredients- you can even see pieces of the ingredients in the soap! With a variety of scents and properties, you can choose what works best for your skin!   


People travel from all over the world to experience the mud of the Dead Sea- said to have remarkable healing properties. You don't have to even leave your home to get your hands on products made with the same mud.